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As I worked on my family genealogy I found many Wheaters who I was not related to and as the total number of Wheaters seemed quite manageable I choose to study them all. This of course would not be manageable if one’s name was a very common on such as Smith, but it has works very well for researching the Wheater family.  When a new individual is located it is much easier to locate what group they are in.

Most Wheaters in America have been traced to Yorkshire in England, but some from Germany acquired the name after arriving in America. Two of the links on the right list the individuals that have been identified at this thus far. The other links show interesting places the the Wheater name shows up.

I am happy to answer any questions and also welcome any comments, corrections or addition data and, documents and pictures that you can add. My email is below or you can use the contact page with a link to the right.


Under other researchers is a link to John G Wheater's web page which is a must see. That shows the groups that the Yorkshire Wheaters fall into.


Bill Wheater



Jericho, Vermont